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Enchanting Bear Treasures, Never to be Forgotten!

Shop when you need another hug!

Bear Treasures is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to adopt highly collectible, artist-created teddy bears, from a private estate offering.

Shopping at our online bear mall, you'll have a rare opportunity to acquire previously treasured, immaculately kept bears. The bears are discounted and viw does not diminish their value and collective appeal. 


You can shop our Bear Treasures Online Shopping Mall anytime because it is open day and night for your viewing and adopting.


This is your special portal to bear treasures! Take advantage of this occasion to be introduced to a wide collection of artist bears. Some artists you may recognize while other may be new to you. When you purchase an artist made bear, you are investing in an unparalleled creative, uniquely designed piece of art.

The keen collector will recognize this estate offering as a chance to enhance their collection.

Any of these one-of-a-kind and limited-edition bears will be a real prize in your collection.


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Teddy Clown 1928

Steiff Club piece from 1993


11" brown tipped mohair bear. Official Steiff club piece with Certificate of Authenticity and comes in original box, (bear never removed) and outer wrap. Pristine condition. 
Bear number 04923


USD $170.00

Grizzly and the Goose - Ballard Baines


15" tall long bodied bear holds a white goose.

Made from a very dense alpaca.

Cross stitched nose and long bent arms.

Stuffed with poly and pellets.

Looks best sitting. Original hang tag.


USD $145.00+







Montgomery by Deans Rag Book


14" tall, soft gray dense mohair. Fully jointed.

Velveteen paw pads.  Stuffed with poly.

Original hang tag.

Number 59 from an limited edition of 500

He wears a colorful vest and white tie.


USD $95.00+




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Red Riding Hood by Martha DiRaimo Burch

Martha's Bears


The story book charactr comes to life in this 16" bear made from curly sparse mohair with Ultra-suede paw pads. Fully jointed. Born in 1995. Bear number 12 from an edition of 25.

She wears a colorful red cherry dress with white apron and her red cloak. She even wears long leg calico print pants!  Original hang tag.


USD $129.00+










Grisly -Grisly Spielwaren


Purchased in Germany. 13" tall

100% short black and white mohair.

Working growler - fully jointed

Stuffed hard with poly-foam


USD $65.00+




Blue - by Gund





Violet Rose by Bainbridge Bears

Donna Hinkelman


18" of elegant bear made from a lovely violet mohair with tapastry paw pads. 5-way jointed, stuffed with Poly  and pellets.

Pink embroidered nose and large glass eyes.

She wears an imported lace color with a vintage floral desing pin along with a violet polka dot ribbon on her head.

Original hang tag and sewn in label.


USD $179.00+









Binky by Arbor

Jackie Strecker


Made from a combination of pink and black wool, this 10" Panda bear beckons to be hugged.  Fully jointed, stuffed with Poly and pellets.  Around her neck she wears a bow with a silk flower.

Bear number 12 from limited edition of 2000.

Original hang and sewn in tag.


USD $59.00+







Simon by Nac-B Bears

Nancy Brown


10" and made from a hand dyed, deep purple mohair, this little fellow is quite heavy as he is stuffed with steel shot and poly.


Fully jointed, glass eyes and a purple bow that holds a little bell. 


Original hang and sewn in tag.


USD $79.00+



Fischer by Bearlooms

Sue Van Nattan


11" tall and fishing for hugs! Made of extra dense German mohair, fully jointed, glass eyes, wool felt paw pads and is filled with Poly and BB's.  Signed hang tag.

Original price $140.00


USD $99.00+


Petunia by Bearlooms
Sue Van Nattan


Made from long, curly tipped German mohair in a rose color with a pink backing. Fully jointed. Glass eyes, Ultra-suede paw pads, one is signed. Poly and pellet filled. 11" tall.


USD $120.00+









This 11" tall, soft white dense mohair or plush bear is quite Victorian looking.


Shoe button eyes, with crystal beads, lace colra and daity bouquet.


All on top of a brocade ball base.

Stuffed with Poly and weighted with pellets.


This piece will look lovely on your bedroom dresser.










Black Bear - 11
by: Mary Albers


USD $75.00+





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are received












Theodore - by Sonya Shaw


This little bear is so much cuter in person!

You'll love him!


USD $70.00+



Jillian - By Hager Bears
Donna Hager

Dressed in her ecru satin dress, trimmed in lace overlay, with a beautiful hand made flowered hat. Fully jointed and made from soft curly Schulte Mohair with Ultra-suede paw pads.
13" tall.
  Filled with poly and pellets.
Glass eyes and hang tag.


USD $120.00+

Honey Bunch  by Saki Romunhaus

This sweet bear is just 9" tall.


USD $75.00+


More bears coming soon,


Come back to see!



Jaey - By Teddy's "R" Friends

Marsha Friesen


She looks tall, but this sweet baby is only 10" and is ready for her Christening in a vintage doll's dress and bonnet. English mohair, Ultra-suede paw pads. Original hang tags.

Fully jointed and stuffed with poly and pellets.


USD $99.00+

Lycia - 10"

Honey Cup Bears


USD $55.00+







Pink Tipped Fluffy by Nancy Foland



This sweet pink tipped plush bear wants a hug!

She is 16" tall, fully jointed with felt paw pads.

Original hang and sewn in tag.


USD $40.00+






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PayPal funds

are received







Bunny Bean by Original Teddy Bears

Donna Hodges


Just 8" tall, this sweet little bear is
made from a dense plush.

Wearing a calico dress, white bloomers and a straw hat. She carries a little bunny in her hand.  Bear number 5 from a limited edition of 200.   Original hang tag.


USD $45.00+












Johnathan - Blackwater Bears


14" bear made of dense white mohair with suede paw pads.
Shaved muzzle and fully jointed.

Stuffed with Poly. Completely hand stitched.

Glass eyes. He wears a real leather vest and a silk tie. Original signed hang tag.


USD $99.00+






Rose Flower - by Knickerbocker



Rosie - 17"  - by Pat Buckley









Michelles Recital - 16"

by Barbara McConnell










by: Anne Hancock




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About Us and Our 'Bear Treasures' Mission . . .

Valerie Rogers, teddy bear promoter for over 34 years, helps teddy bear artist connect with collectors at her Bright Star Promotion's teddy bear shows. Over this period of time, she has assisted collectors by often selling their bears, usually one at a time.

    The bears shown are from an estate of a collector who wishes their bears find loving and caring homes. Therefore we offer them in "Bear Treasures Online Shopping Mall. The pages are open 24/7 for adoptions. Maybe you've seen one-of-a-kind artists or manufactured bears before and were sad when your opportunity slipped away to take one home. Now you can adopt one-of-a-kind, scarce, collectible teddy bears to add to your collection.

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