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Bear making kit - complete with everything you need to make

Vanilla Pudding, a large, open mouth teddy bear by Sylvia Lyons.

Beautiful white, imported French Tisseval.

I have not opened the package, but it looks to me like it is cut and ready to sew together. Joints and eyes included.

Two kits available - Originally $150.00

$99.00 each plus shipping


Animal noses

1 pkg 18mm

2 pkg 20mm

1 pkg 10mm

1 pkg 12mm

1 pkg 24mm

plus 3 large noses and

a few googlie eyes.

$4.00 plus shipping.


Assorted glass and plastic eyes

12 pkgs. 12mm

1 pkg - 15 mm

1 pkg. - 10 mm

2 pkg - 9mm

1 pkg - 24mm

1 pkg. 18mm

1 pair 21mm

$9.00 plus shipping.






Two packages of Doll joints

35mm and 45 mm size.

Bags are sealed so can not count how many in each package.

1 extra by itself!

$7.00 plus shipping.

Assorted Doll/Bear joints

6 pkg. 30mm - 2 pc in a bag

3 pkg. 55 mm - 2 pc in a bag

1 pkg. 45 mm - 2 pc in a bag

One large pkg unknown size

and several loose joints.

$10.00 plus shipping.


Yukon Pattern

by The Teddy Tailor

Jeanne Klein


Make Yukon, a 9" Polar bear with jointed legs and double jointed neck - pattern never used.


$8.50 plus shipping


Real fur coat piece

Part of an old coat.

19" x 18" plus a little extra pelt

on the measurement.

Leather is still quite supple.

Sable dyed to look like mink.

Rather large pelts sewn together.

$39.00 plus shipping


Thick, long imported white plush

28" x 60"

Wonderful for larger bears. Lovely.

I estimate the fur to be 1/3 - 1/2 long.

Very soft and dense.


$135.00 plus shipping



Imported White Plush

Item 6716

I do not know the manufacturer.

Very think plush

19" x 28"

$45.00 plus shipping



Rich green mohair

Hard to capture the exact color and it has a lot of blue in the green.

18" x 20" mohair

Slightly wavy and not very long pile.

$29.00 plus shipping


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