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Misha - 1980 Olympic's Mascot

by Dankin


Big and Little mascot bears that helped support the USA's Olympic committee.  Made of soft plush in two tones, non jointed and both wear the Olympic symbol on their belt. 12" and 7" tall.

Original hang and tush tags.


$20.00+ for the set



Baden by Steiff
Dressed in his old fashioned swim suit, Bodin is made from a lovely shade of light brown mohair. Felt paw pads, 5-way jointed, tag in the ear, and original tag. Bear number 2335 from edition of 5,000


USD $100.00+



Drew - 14" by Knickerbocker



Dave the Flyfisher

by Michelle Brown


This 17.5" tall fisher man is completely outfitted!

Shirt, vest, hat, pants, boots, reel, basket, fish and fly hooks. A perfect piece for your Den. Beautifully detailed from light blond mohair with Ultra-suede paw pads. Comes with original tags and Certificate of Authenticity. Purchased in Tennessee.


Original price $465.00


USD $270.00+




He move tail and head moves back and forth.

Original hang and sewn in tag

Arms and legs are wired but do not bend.

Sitting height is 8". Plush with felt paws, ears and face. Vintage toy from Japan.


USD $18.00+








Kamar Monkey


8" tall wool monkey. No joints.

Felt hands, ears and face. Shading.  Sewn in tag.

A lovely piece for your collection.


USD $15.00+





The Duke - John Wayne

Heirloom Bears by Franklin Mint.


16" of true cowboy in this representation of The Duke, wearing khaki pants, a fringed leather jacket, carrying his gun along with hat and kerchief.

Fully jointed. Stand included.

Bear number 3451 and button on foot pad.


Originally $99.00


USD $35.00+




Jacko by Hermann

1960 Vintage Monkey


9" of cuteness, this little monkey can be posed. He is jointed and made from a dark brown mohair with felt face, hands and feet. He could use a little 'bath' as he's been monkeying around over 56 years! Original chest tag.


Valued at $125.00 by Brenda Yenke


USD $79.00+


Paddington - from England


Purchased on a trip to London, this 20" Paddington wants to come live with you. Made from long blond silky mohair and wearing his hat, wool coat, and red boots. He has his original tags. 1995

Stands on his own.


Original price $225.00


USD $175.00+



Tom Jr. by Linda Ashcroft



11.5" bear is made from rabbit fur and he is a trapper. He carries a gun, mouse trap, wool blanket, bag of apples, a tin wash tub. He has horns and his face is sculpted then flocked and painted.
He is a character for sure! 
Wood hang tag 1990 #4.


USD $100.00+



Sarah by Suzanne DePee

Honeypot Bears


This sweet little gal is 15" tall and made from German blond mohair. Glass eyes, pig skin paw pads. Dress, pantaloons and bonnet are crafted from homespun fabric.

Bear number 2 from Edition of 100

Original hang tag. Stand included.


Original price $175.00


USD $120.00



Samuel by Suzanne DePee

Honeypot Bears


Adorable boy is 15" tall and made from German blond mohair. Glass eyes, pig skin paw pads. His sailor collar outfit with pants is crafted from homespun fabric.  Bear number 6 from Edition of 100

Original hang tag. Stand included.


Original price $165.00


USD $120.00


Martha Louise by Ruth Elliott




Emily by River Hills Bears





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Michael by Sonya Shaw

15.5" is a short taupe, spot-tipped, mohair bear. Jointed. Embroidered nose. Glass eyes. Needle sculpting paw pads. Blue plaid bow with
a string  of wood fish around his neck.
Original tags. Born in 2003 OOAK.

Original price $175.00


USD $120.00



Sundee by Teri Crews


18" tall bear made golden tan German mohair. Jointed. OOAK. Large embroidered nose.  Glass eyes. Trimmed Muzzle. Merino wool sculpted paw pads. Airbrushed shading. Born in 2003.
Stuffed with Poly-fil and lots of pellets. Plaid cotton bow with a resin rocking horse around his neck. Original sewn-in and hang tag.

Original price $235.00

USD $170.00


Reagan by Sonya Shaw

12.5" tall bear made from tan-brown-tipped mohair. Jointed. Embroidered nose. Glass eyes. Trimmed Muzzle. Brown leather paw pads. OOAK. Born in 2003. Stuffed with Poly-fil and pellets. Original sewn-in and hang tag.

Wears a flag print scarf and jingle bells on a cord.

Original price $175.00

USD $135.00+



Good Bears of the World Little Bears


Proceeds benefit GBW


Click on the framed bear to adopt.





Purple Flower by Midge Louaillier


12" tall bear made from mauve colored, long mohair. Jointed. Embroidered nose. Glass eyes. Trimmed Muzzle. Velveteen paw pads. Stuffed with Poly-fil and pellets. Sewn-in tag. Wired floral organdy ribbon around her neck.

USD $85.00


Panda by Jackie Streckler - Arbor



Adorable face on this 10" black and ecru wool Panda. Fully jointed with foot pads in wool. Sewn in tag.



USD $80.00+


Abigail by Janet Anderson

Dolls by Janet Ann


The little Miss is 8" tall and made of short dense mohair. Unique paw pads, fully jointed. Wears a hand crochet, tea dyed hat with flowers, and a cross stitch embroidery with lace bib. Hard stuffed.
Original hang and sewn in tags.


USD $75.00+



Little Girl by Beverley Maddaford

Beverley's Bebe Bears


A sweet little 7" mohair bear that is fully jointed. Glass eyes, hump on back, defined fingers and wool paw pads. Original hang and sewn in tags.

Bear number 3 and made in 1990


USD $50.00+


Sumi by Rainy Day Bears


11" tall bear made from two shades Schulte mohair. Jointed. Embroidered nose. German glass eyes. Trimmed Muzzle. Wool felt paw pads. Airbrushed shading. Born in 2003.
Stuffed with Poly-fill and copper shot.
Original sewn-in and hang tag. OOAK.
White satin ribbon around his neck.

USD $80.00+


1940's Panda


This 13" panda is from 1945, think was imported from England. Black and white mohair that has been professionally cleaned by Brenda Yenke.

Googly eyes and non-jointed. Show a few signs of having been loved for 71 years! A terrific find from your childhood. A vintage charmer!


USD $75.00+



Bear in Bunny Suit - 14"


Brenda Halloway


Little Red Riding Hood + book

by Knickerbocker


Sweet 11" little red riding hood is made from light blond mohair, fully jointed, wears a dress, apron, leather-like shoes. lace trimmed panties and her read cape. Knickerbocker pin in ear plus original hang tag.

Bear number 55 from edition of 1,000

Included is a 16 page book as retold and illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman


USD $195.00+

Maggie by Pam Wooley

Wooley Bears


A very pretty 14" soft brown pinkish mohair, who is completely jointed. Ultra-suede paw pads, and born in 1988.  She wears vintage jewelry along with a lovely pink feather boa and a pearl studded flowered straw hat. Original hang and sewn in tag.


USD $155.00+


Guthrie by Debbie Henretty

for Ashton Drake

The first issue in the Age of A-Bear-ius collection.
13" tall and made of multicolored, long plus. 5-way jointed. Bear number 2917 in the edition we think is 5000. Cross embroidered multi-colored thread nose.
Each paw pad is a different colored leatherette.
Wearing A Peace Pendant.


USD $120.00+






Golly is a friend of
teddy bears ... read more.


Sunny Day - Sail Away
by Beth Yarbrough.

Framed print . Colorful sailor bears are out for a good time. Print is in rich Federal colors and a navy blue wood frame.  15" x 19" tall with a hardly visible chip in the frame's paint.  A wonderful piece for your bear room or for a collector who loves to sail!

Original price $49.95

USD $26.00+

Golly Girl in Gingham - 10"


Hand made in New Zealand, this little Golly is dressed in red and white gingham with machine embroidery, has white pants, cotton socks and black felt shoes.


USD  $39.95 free shipping to USA homes.


Tiger - Wall hanging 11"

Decorate your room with a lovely plush tiger head. Import. Attaches to the wall with a loop
or a hanger cord.


Original price $24.99

USD $15.00+






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White Tiger - 11"

Decorate your room with a lovely plush white tiger head. Import. Attaches to the wall with a loop
or a hanger cord.


Original price $24.99

USD $15.00+




Child-sized Porcelain Tea Set

14 pieces (one saucer is missing)
Comes in original box.

Perfect for the teddy bear's picnic!




Cute Gray Bunny by Ginnie Marigold

Meri Bears



OOAK 9" gray and white mohair bunny. Fully jointed, glass eyes and wired ears.

Original hang tag

Original price $145.00


USD $75.00+



Musical and mechanical polar bear by

Doryce Finch (d) Finch's Bears




8" from head to tail, this little polar bear will capture your heart. Made of curly white mohair with an Ultra-leather nose, shoe button  eyes an a music box that plays Edelwiess. 4 joints. Head rotates to the music.

Original hang and tush tag.




USD $85.00+




Of Thee I Sing by Sunnie Bears


Big bear at 21.50" tall and made from two shades
of hand dyed, long mohair. Jointed. Large embroidered nose. Glass eyes. Trimmed Muzzle. Suede leather paw pads. Airbrushed shading. OOAK. Stuffed with Excelsior, Poly-fil and pellets. Original sewn-in and hang tag. Born in 2003.
USA Flag print bandana and 4 metal flags on a cord around his neck. Original price $385.00


USD $250.00+



The Masked bear #641 by Arbor, Jackie Strecker

Stuffed heavy with pellets this 17" tall bear is made from a soft pinkish dense, curly mohair. Fully jointed, shoe button eyes, wool felt paw pads and is filled with Poly and pellets. Intricate hand beading on the mask and on the collar. Hang tag.
Original price $199.00

USD $125.00+




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